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Affordable Counselling and Therapy



Even as a shy teenager I knew I wanted to work with people and that is why I chose to study Psychology at University.

On graduating, my first job was a as a residential social worker in a community home for teenage boys. It was a real baptism of fire into the grim reality for children in care in Bradford at the time. I went on to work in various residential contexts with young people; those who had offended, those with mental health and emotional problems and those who were facing homelessness.

I began studying counselling to develop the skills I needed to be of more assistance to those I was working with. I undertook my own counselling and learnt a lot about myself along the way.

I worked as a project worker in a street drugs project where I counselled clients who had suffered childhood abuse and neglect. I also worked with adults with severe and enduring mental health problems and in a project for children and young people who have been abused as children.

I then worked for the NHS seeing clients referred by their GP usually suffering with anxiety and or depression. These clients came from all walks of life with all sorts of backgrounds and life problems.

After twelve years counselling in primary care I decided to go freelance as a counsellor when I was made redundant from the NHS due to service restructuring.

I really enjoy working as a counsellor. I experience it as a real privilege to work with people to make the changes they desire in their lives.

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